Recommended Audio Tools


  • Tidalcycles - you are probably on my website because of this suite of software. a no-brainer for algorithmic music tooling
  • DIN is Noise - one of the most interesting perspectives on (bezier-)synthesis
  • Automatonism - an inviting use of Pure Data for modular synthesis
  • VCV Rack - avoid spending thousands of dollars


  • Virtual Audio Cable - not to be confused with VB-Cable! The best option for software routing within the windows ecosystem
  • LoopMidi - required midi loopback for complex and shared system routing
  • Asio4All - if you have a high latency tolerance, this provides a necessary audio layer within Windows
  • Synchronous Audio Router - a modern solution to the windows audio routing issue
  • OBS-VirtualCam - a requirement in the quarantine age
  • OBS-Asio - another requirement in the quarantine age - utilize specific asio device channels!


  • Carla - Amazing audio plugin and routing host.
  • QJackCTL - The best no-frills jack audio management system. The included patchbay system is criminally underutilized for automating complex routings.
  • Calf Plugins - ultra-fast synths and mastering plugins


Preface - I do not own a modern macintosh machine so my experience is limited here.

  • BlackHole - the new competition for macintosh audio routing. prefered to JackPilot


  • Suzuki Kentaro Plugins - Easily some of the best Max4Live utilities around with exceptional UIs
  • Madrona Labs - Kaivo and Aalto have made their way into my regular plugin arsenal